Gang Definition

When you will search the definition of a gang, there could be variations. That is because, in various places, they have their own definition as there is no definition that is used in all parts of the world. It is not just being a gang but the one that has a meaning. They can also have different categories of the gang so there are differences around the world. Sometimes they say youth gang or it could be the street gang.

The last one is mostly used to the ones who are found on the streets and they do it in the street what they like.


One of the features of being in a gang is that they also socialize as gang members and they are found doing it in the streets. Sometimes those who say they are a gang when they just form their group being in their teens can encounter other groups having the same claim. They can have fought to show who is better. It can result in serious crimes.

Some of the gathered criteria or standard characteristics of gangs is that there age range from 12 to 24. They can also make their own name and create their own symbols known only to the members.

If they make themselves known as a gang and other gangs also view them as that then they are a gang. The groups are also involved in some kinds of criminal activities that could be big in scope or a minor one.